Our teens are our future leaders.  It is during these formative years, our young people are grappling with many tough questions in our fast paced, expansive role.  How do I fit in?  What is my life purpose?  Why won’t the world listen to me?  Why won’t they stop bullying me?  How do I let my friends and teachers know what is inside of me – my thoughts, my fears, and my true dreams?

Teen Empower is a grounded gateway to answer those questions in a safe and powerful process to bring out the very best in our young people.  After seven hours in the workshop, the teens speak of embracing honesty, increase respect, carry themselves with dignity, and expand in love.  This curriculum focuses on strengthening the students’ capacity to express their emotions, increase empathy and build-self awareness.  The students are then better prepared to begin their adult lives with a broader and deeper perspective of themselves and the world around them.  


Some Distinctions and Topics Addressed:

  • Identify and break down the barriers that separate human beings and challenge them to step into and share their more empowered, authentic selves.
  • Identify the false personas, “masks”, and armor that are established as coping mechanisms and how to embrace all of who they are with compassion and forgiveness.
  • Clarify judgments vs. facts and how knowing the difference can be a powerful tool to create opportunities to develop competencies they may have thought impossible.
  • Define oppression and bullying and unveil it’s prevalence.  
  • Define and discuss elements of forgiveness.
  • Explain how human beings live in language and how their “story” of who they are can diminish or enhance what is possible for them.  
  • Discuss the power of choice and taking responsibility for their actions.
  • Create opportunities to apologize and speak their truth.
  • Define and declare their dreams.

The course I am proposing is a course in life skills, suicide prevention, empathy training, and bullying awareness.  This education assists in the formation of character and helps individuals see what is positive in themselves and what gets in the way of positively seeing each other. It exposes the false personas and offers clarity and precision in relating first to your self and then to others.


"I learned to understand people better and to know that I am not alone."

"I really enjoyed this program! I now feel closer to my peers. Please do this again."

"It made me care a lot about other people and know that people understand how I feel and have had the same experiences."

"It shows you that you should always be yourself and don't be afraid to trust people."

"It really inspired me and opened my eyes and made me really care about others."

"It was a good learning experience and made us connect with each other."

"This experience has turned my life around."

"Loved every minute of it. Do this at every school."


Taryn Fontenot Couvillion, LCSW is the designer, founder, and facilitator of  Teen Empower.  She is a 29 year Licensed Clinical Social Worker who stands committed to bringing forth the power and brilliance of everyone she serves. Her healing leadership and facilitation techniques help teenagers and adults alike.  Her education includes a BA in Psychology and MSW from Louisiana State University.  Taryn is a Certified Ontological Coach and a Certified Spiritual Divorce Coach.  

Her favorite endeavor is the Teen Empower program that has served hundreds of teens from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds.  She has spent most of her career working with teens in mental health.  Taryn served as Program Director of an adolescent unit and a Residential Treatment Center in psychiatric hospitals in New Orleans, LA.  She is the mother of three children, ages 23, 20, and 16.  Her interests include travel, dance, and spiritual development.  She lives in Baton Rouge, LA.

Taryn has facilitated Teen Empower at Episcopal School of Baton Rouge, Opelousas Catholic School, Glascow Middle School with students in the Big Buddy Program, Alexandria Country Day School, Baton Rouge Youth Coalition and Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau to name a few.